martedì 2 ottobre 2012

Viktoria Modesta

styled by Alexis Knox

Viktoria Modesta was born in Latvia in 1988 and she's an alternative model, singer/songwriter and stylist. She spent most of her childhood in hospitals following an accident at birth as a result of 
doctors negligence resulting in a lasting problem with her left leg. In 2007 she had a voluntary below the knee leg amputation which some people found horrifying but she believes this has improved her life not only her health.  She's  not just a pretty face, she's a self-confident woman and a great inspiration for a lot of people. Victoria's presence in the underground fashion and music scene is continuosly growing .... So make sure to keep an eye on this amazing girl !!

"I now feel more complete, more confident, and feel that I've taken away something that was wrong, not lost something healthy. I now feel natural and normal.I've also just found out that the NHS prosthetic legs are now as advanced as anywhere and I can get realistic colour matched legs, and a mix of flat and high heel legs, and even swimming and running legs. A whole wardrobe of legs! So I couldn't be happier and more excited. I'm dreaming of the shoes I can wear for the first time!"


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