venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Vein Gloves

“Pair of Gloves” by Meret Oppenheim -1985
I think someone should actually produce them .... Guess who I'm thinking about !?


Super Linda !!!

Beautiful 90's icon Linda Evangelista photographed by Steven Klein for W Magazine becomes a cyber dark wonder woman !! - Totally love it !



Phillip Lim goes Noir

Noir  influences are all over fashion once again !!! Happy for that !! Check out what designer Phillip Lim is about to release !! A comic book entitled “Kill The Night”  definitely influenced and inspired from Sin City and V for Vendetta. Im very curious to see the whole book, I think it's a very nice idea ....we should do a Shampa comic as well !! 

"A comic inspired by 3.1 Phillip Lim's Fall 2012
collection and the neo-noir heroines who embody it.
Co-written by Phillip Lim, this is a story of duality.
Day and Night, Black and White, Love and Betrayal.
Things are not what they seem. Look again."
Get the book HERE


giovedì 30 agosto 2012


4 posters
9 teasers

I can't wait anymore. 
This wait is freakin' me out!
I loved the first season but the second is goin' to be awesome!

American Horror Story: Asylum - October 17th


mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

Beth Richards Swimwear

I'm  happy that soon it will be fall.... but I think this year I will be waiting summer very bad so I'll be able to wear some super chic pieces by Beth Richards !!! 
Finally some quality swimwear that excites me !!
Buy Beth's amazing creations HERE


martedì 28 agosto 2012

Bitch Stole My Look!

Rihanna VS. Arizona Green Tea

RiRi, tell me...why are you dressed like an Arizona Green Tea bottle for your interview with Oprah?
But even dressed like a bottle of tea you are still totally amazing!
Next time don't forget sunglasses and manicure!


EURO Barrel_

 The pendant of this crazy Margiela necklace is a rolled- up 50 Euro note,  slotted inside a silver barrel pendant ... 
Break in case of Emergency !?!? 

Unfortunately is sold out Here , but Im sure you can eventually diy ....


lunedì 27 agosto 2012