domenica 29 aprile 2012

Vis Dearum

Vi aspettiamo il 2 Maggio presso la galleria Mondo Bizzaro per la mostra Vis Dearum.
 Nasce un nuovo capitolo riguardante le donne tatuatrici, ma stavolta le artiste partecipanti a questa mostra collettiva provengono da varie parti del mondo. Ricordate Le sante peccatrici (, protagoniste della mostra precedente? In quell'occasione illustravamo l'arte della donna tatuatrice italiana. Ma ora la scommessa è differente.

  Hanno deciso di esprimere, un altro volto della donna, suppur intesa sempre come archetipo ed entità sacra dalla notte dei tempi, scegliendo come tema le divinità femminili.

Da un'attenta e lunga ricerca di dee pagane che avessero dei dati interessati e stimolanti da rappresentare per le nostre artiste, prende il via una nuova mostra collettiva: Vis Dearum (la forza delle dee).
Perché un nome latino? Perché siamo a Roma ed è da qui che partirà la mostra, per la precisione dalla galleria Mondo Bizzarro (
Diciannove valorose tatuatrici di caratura mondiale, si destreggeranno a colpi di pennello, china e quant'altro per interpretare la forza della loro dea protettrice. Dalla mostra verrà pubblicato anche un catalogo la cui introduzione è stata affidata alle parole di Loretta Leu, “Grande Madre” del tatuaggio mondiale.

a cura di Viola Von hell, Ilaria Beltramme

Featured artists :

Rose Hardy (Australia)
Stephanie Tamez (USA)
Cecilia Granata (Italia)
Horiren (Giappone)
Claudia De Sabe (Inghilterra)
Deborah Necci (Italia)
Viola Von Hell (Italia)
Genziana (Italia/Mondo)
Miss Arianna (Italia)
Maria Roca (Spagna/Italia)
Angelique Houtkamp (Olanda)
Morg (Italia)
Anita Rossi (Italia)
Tiziana Sawyer (Olanda/USA)
Jo Harrison (Inghilterra)
Chantale Coady (Inghilterra)
Louise Schiffmacher (Olanda)
Morrison Schiffmacher (Olanda)
Vis Dearum (Goddesses' Force) is the second chapter of a project dedicated to exploring the world of female tattoo artists. The first, which debuted last year at Mondo Bizarro, provided a space for the Italian tattoo art scene, along with the ever-contemporary themes of sin and religion.

This time, the initiative brings together seven different countries on a quest to find the most talented and representative tattoo artists from the world scene. The artists have been invited to exhibit upon the theme of sacred archetypes from the mists of time: female deities' mystique.

Rome, a city which is itself a symbol of ancient cultures and whose birth is steeped in legend, will have a plethora of pagan goddesses from different cultures converging on it. Hence the deliberately chosen Latin title of Vis Dearum. Eighteen brave, world-class tattoo artists, have dexterously applied their brushes to (amongst other media) china, to interpret the power of their patron goddess.

The catalogue from the exhibition has a foreword written by Loretta Leu, Great Mother of the tattoo world.

Curators Viola Von Hell and Ilaria Beltramme

See u There !!!

Opening 02.05.2012 - 18:30
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, via Reggio Emilia 32 c/d
dal lunedì al sabato 12.00 – 20.00
domenica 16.00-20.00
tel. 06 44247451

Ass-tastic Kim in NYC !!

Kim is back on the scenes with her fabulosity in full effect !!
 Rumored affair with Kanye and still taking her booty out and about in super tight pants or other kind of wraps....SAME OLD....


Currently Droolin' On .....

 Alexander Wang Joan Pump
Jil Sander patent pumps


giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Mugler Motorbike Corset

 I've already blogged this before , but I've found these nice pictures and couldn't help from bloggin this again !


martedì 24 aprile 2012

New Bff !??!!

New Best Friends Forever !?
Dita von Teese ( 39! ) and Kelly Osbourne all glammed up , chillin' @ Coachella festival


lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Yet another dark fairytale on the big screen for our pleasure !!!
Snow white and the Huntsman ( Biancaneve e il Cacciatore nella versione italiana ) will be out on June !! Can't wait !! And of course my favourite character is the Evil Queen : Super Fierce Charlize Theron !

Kristen Stewart is Snow White , she wears an armour and enjoys savage fightings ,which make her look more like a sort of Joan Of Arc maybe....

Im so curious to see this "dark" version of the classic Snow White fairytale!


Girl Crush of the day : ERIKO NAKAO

Check out her Blog HERE , very inspiring


Nicki Minaj X Opi !

These shades' names are just sooo Nicki ahahah!!
Super Bass Shatter, "Fly", “Metallic 4 Life” & of course, “Pink Friday” (just to name a few).


mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Chanel goes Punk with Alice Dellal

Karl Lagerfeld has chosen unconventional model Alice Dellal ( and the girl responsible for the trend of shaving the left side of your head and thrash metal drummer) as his muse for the new " Boy Chanel " bags SS12 collection , bringing an instant youthifying effect for the brand.
I really like the contrasts in these campaign : the opulence and classic taste of the location fused with Alice's punk attitude and Chanel's femininity.

Here some of my favourite styles from the SS 2012 collection :

Actually I thought that this would have been Chanel's more affortable line....but these bags are arouns $4,500 so still A LITTLE BIT too expensive for my wallet.