martedì 30 agosto 2011

Is Freja really DATING Arizona Muse !?!?

In the fabulous world of models, being lez-chic is considered an interesting bonus point .... So now we got this rumor about the ultimate androgynous lesbian top model Freja Beha dating new face Arizona Muse ...Look at the in this Terry Richardson shooting , there's something HOT going on for sure !!! So do you guys think that Freja has finally forgot her ex-girlfriend Catherine McNeil !?!!? Do they eventually enjoy 3somes !?

This Top Models Lez-Drama is so much fun !!

to be continued......


lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Is This Madonna's New BOYFRIEND or Just Another Kid She ADOPTED !??!

Madonna has been one of the first celebs to spread this new Baby-Boom trend , after her, Angelina, Jodie Foster etc... Now I'm not sure if she has already developed the next level of this trend : Adopting a poor guy around 20 years old to challenge her parental skills....
Or if he's just her new ToyBoy...

Who Knows......


domenica 28 agosto 2011

Printed "Hermes" Teflon Bags...

I don't know....I have one myself (the studded one ), I got it from Shanghai and it's from an hong kong brand, I think it's very funny and I like wearing it! Looking at it from a few meters it really looks like a real bag , like 3D , so it's always a surprise when people find out that it's actually a printing !!! Should we sell them on our ShampaShop ? It would be nice to print other bags too ahha ! What do you think ? ahaha I love them!! I want more colours !! They also come in different sizes, are super light, waterproof and can carry a lot of stuff inside !! To me its going to be the next must-have shopper!


venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Absolut Vodka by ....Gareth Pugh !? Uh !?

Gareth Pugh has done this gothicly glamorous makeover for his limited edition ABSOLUT vodka bottle.
"I began by thinking of an 'ABSOLUT Gareth Pugh' and I decided to choose an outfit from my archive, something that I feel captures the essence of my work which I could use to 'dress' the ABSOLUT Mode Edition bottle and in a very abstract way."

And he definitey did it !! If you want to get your hands on one of Gareth's highly collectible ABSOLUT Mode Edition bottles , they will be available exclusively from W Hotel, London from September 7.