lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff, ARE YOU FOR REAL !?!?!?

Ok, the first time I've seen  this Meadham Kirchhoff  fur I sad " Wow what a nice idea! "
I  think that creating a graphic design on a fur coat its kind of a new thing in fashion  and of course  using a monster face is a really really funny idea. So I've started looking around on the web to find out more about this new label and found out that this coat is actually a FAUX FUR COAT and that its price is EURO € 5419.00 ( HERE ) .
Can you believe this ? Would they answer to me saying :

Than I started thinking that I could do the SAME SAME coat and sell it 200 euro max retail. Why they sell so expensive ? The cost of the fabrics and manufacturing cannot be that high.  

Do you think this is fair ?
Should we call the police ?


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