venerdì 30 novembre 2012

Hussein Chalayan for Puma

Hussein Chalayan + Puma = Sneakers Urban Swift
...not bad...


Vampiria Coffin shaped Skateboard

Vampiria Coffin shaped Skateboard by Mister Sam

Maila Nurmi and her infamous character "Vampiria" are one of our favourite all-time icons here at Shampalove!! Our latest fw12/13 collection has actually been inspired by her !!

That's why I need that board in my life !!! 
Im still trying to find out where to get it ..... 


giovedì 29 novembre 2012

Alexander Wang Resort 2013

Honeslty Alexander...STOP IT!!! You're killing me! I would not rock the ankle gazer trousers, but ALL THE REST I WOULD AND I SHOULD!!!


Yoko Ono x Opening Ceremony


Yoko Ono Fashion for Men
for Men...sure...



mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Naked Truth

Naked Truth 
 Nero Homme Premiere Issue
Lensed by Zoltan Tombor
Model:  Jessica Pitti 
Stylist: Gemma Slack  
                                                     Hair and Makeup by Pascale Poma

Fetish accessories and designs from John Galliano, Zana Bayne and stylist Gemma  Slack’s own line .
I was browsing the other night/morning in london and this really catched my eye. I think the model is just STUNNING. Fetish is not dead. I really like that clear plastic thing in the last pic. HOT.


Jeremy Scott X Smart....... REALLY !?!?

Loved or Hated  Jeremy Scott Extravaganza is already well known in the fashion world .... puppet sneakers, hoddies with tail and ears, crazy pop- all over print, etc. 
Mixing and matching Jeremy Scott's pieces with some lets say " sober " ones could be fun and add a crazy touch to your outfits... 

But what about a JEREMY SCOTT DESIGNED CAR ?? 

He has teamed up with SMART for a Jeremy Scott special edition car inspired to his infamous adidas wings-sneakers  .... 

Dont you think this car is extremely vulgar and kitch ?
This is not like his clothing pieces ... cannot mix'n'match with Anything !!
Who would drive/own this " THING " ?? 
Some korean boy-band member maybe ? Then ? 
Ginos ? 

Hope not to see this car on the streets.... 


Cara Delavingne + Exotic Animals


domenica 25 novembre 2012

Meanwhile @ Shampa Office.....

Ruby and I are not in town at the moment , Busy Busy between London & Shanghai  ..... 
So our beloved Shampa Assistants are  taking care of the BIZ in our Shampalove Headquarters in Rome.
Almoust every day they send us a pic of them from the office .... I know you might think they look weird but you have to understand that Shampalove is not only a fashion brand, is a religion based on an extremely shampa lifestyle and attitude.
Its something like Scientology, once you're in it,  it's difficult to leave.

Anyway, I dont know why, but this time I'm a bit scared of going back to the office.... 


Vintage Lingerie