giovedì 16 giugno 2011

I Tell you What we Did Last Week....

Catch our Flight to Milan

Take random pictures of ourselves until the take off


If you have a fetish for feet here's a gift for you ...

Shopping in Milan : Ruby GAGA

Take stupid Pictures of Stupid Adv

Attend FASHION CAMP 2011 for our little conference ;)

Take pictures while waiting for the taxi

Put Shampa Stickers ALL OVER Milan ...

Draw on Tshirts ( thanks to Quicksilver )

Take pictures at the supermarket with a pretty clear inside joke :

Take pics at 6am @Milan's train station

Look Fabulous for the Luisa via Roma Bloggers Party @Museo La Specola in Florence

Thanks to CoraGroppo for the amazing dresses !

Take a picture with Henry Holland who was spinning that night at the party and tell him that I got 2 of his tshirts : UH UH GARETH PUGH & FUCK ME IN THE PARK MARK

Write a lot of stuff on my TL 180 Lavagna clutch

Stricke Poses

Dancing Fashionably drunken ;)

3 commenti:

Francy ha detto...

siete troppo forti!!!
la barbe à papa

songshu ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
songshu ha detto...

fu yao .. xiao ?! mi sfugge il terzo carattere
(haha come non avere niente da fare)