domenica 1 novembre 2009

The Lordess of the Rings

All I want is RINGS! Big, bold, shiny, gigantic,luxurious RINGS!!
But as much as I do love those rings I am really aware of how impractical they are...they're heavy, the got stuck in my hair and in my wool sweaters, and sometimes I loose them when I go on hysteric phone searching into my handbag.
But the biggest issue with big rings is yet to come...
I suffer from cold hands in the winter- I mean dreadful ice cold hands- so the basic need to wear gloves. I have a pretty collection of fashion leather gloves....but how am I supposed to wear them with the GIANT RINGS???? Should I wear the rings ON THE GLOVES?? oh gosh no...

I have no idea, dammit! Here in Rome is not gloves-cold yet, so I'm still figuring out...suggestions are welcome!!


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