lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Power Couples @ Grammys

Hip-hop king and queen Jay-Z and Beyonce held court front row ( of course ) at the Sunday night ceremony alongside newlyweds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Im loving Beyonce's b&w outfit ! 
They're still my favourite power couple indeed !!!

Then some Chrianna shots : 

We're actually glad to see a safe and sound smiling Riri with no black eyes .

And here some hilarious couples !! Look at Jlo with her new ( dancer) toy-boy and Nicole-Botox-Kidman with her some-kind-of-musician husband.

Im so happy Beyonce is back !!
After her successful Super Bowl performance, Beyonce plans to kick off her new tour " Mrs. Carter World Tour "starting in Belgrade on April 15.

The Bootylicious hitmaker is said to have already recorded 50 songs while working on her fifth studio album, due out April.

And her upcoming feature-length documentary, Life is But a Dream, will premiere on HBO on February 16.


4 commenti:

Unknown ha detto...

B. regina assoluta, sempre! <3 <3

Lela Seaseight Design ha detto...

ahhaha grandissima! "Nicole-Botox-Kidman" :D
Intravedo un po' di cellulite nella gamba di J.Lo! E la cosa mi rende felice :D

Comunque Rihanna con questo look "pulito" sta benissimo, anche se il mio Mr. dice sempre che ha la fronte alla Robocop :D

Unknown ha detto...

Carino il vostro blog!!:) molto interessante! ma non riesco a trovare le vostra fan page su fb e neanche il vostro shopping online!

cmq, che razza di scarpe indossa il tipo vicino al Kidman???!!!!!sembra che è appena stato nel fango!

Selerit ha detto...

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