mercoledì 7 novembre 2012


Today I was casually browsing trough Topshop's accessories section, and I saw I  a couple of things that gave me a little shiver down my spine but I couldn't really point out why.

Basically spikes, but well who cares I'm covered in studs all day.

Then I was watching the Xfactor UK on youtube as usual with my housemate Benni, and we saw Nicole wearing some earring IN GOLD AND BLING, big and spikey . 
And I was, wtf am I just looking at? 


This is not the same earrings we saw, but you get the idea here....

 Here's she's wearing them the opposite way around

So I went to google and after like 1 second I found the source. They are by ShaunLeane. 
I really like them. Not sure if I would rock them, because I used to wear THE REAL RAVE EARRINGS back in the early 2000's  and I would be too auto-referential... you know.

But then I saw something pretty amazing: pearls  and thorns.  From his Blackthorne Collection.
Too much love!

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