mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Jeremy Scott X Smart....... REALLY !?!?

Loved or Hated  Jeremy Scott Extravaganza is already well known in the fashion world .... puppet sneakers, hoddies with tail and ears, crazy pop- all over print, etc. 
Mixing and matching Jeremy Scott's pieces with some lets say " sober " ones could be fun and add a crazy touch to your outfits... 

But what about a JEREMY SCOTT DESIGNED CAR ?? 

He has teamed up with SMART for a Jeremy Scott special edition car inspired to his infamous adidas wings-sneakers  .... 

Dont you think this car is extremely vulgar and kitch ?
This is not like his clothing pieces ... cannot mix'n'match with Anything !!
Who would drive/own this " THING " ?? 
Some korean boy-band member maybe ? Then ? 
Ginos ? 

Hope not to see this car on the streets.... 


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