domenica 28 ottobre 2012

Current Tune : MANTIC

Mantic  (mntk)
[from Greek mantikos prophetic, from mantis seer] 
1. of or relating to divination and prophecy 
2. having divining or prophetic powers 

A bunch of ro-mantic creative people, sharing passions for music, live performances and a noir-rock-ish sense of aesthetic, meet in Rome and Mantic project was born. 
Charismatic stage presence and rock'n'roll vibes are their signature,
 Every singol member of the band ( and they're a lot! )  has an incredible story to tell, I believe that this is what makes this band unique.
Their EP and their aesthetic are inspiring me a lot lately ! 

Learn more about the members of the band :

Mantic on Facebook  
Mantic on Itunes


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