sabato 7 luglio 2012


A super Fierce Angelina Jolie will be starring in Disney's new movie " MALEFICENT " which will be out in 2014  but there's already so much hype about it( of course! look at Angelina's evil queen costume !!! )
Maleficent is an adaptation of classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty 

They are currently filming it in England ...Check out some pictures straight from the set ! 
Angelina is doing a lot of stunts !!

 If Angelina is going to be the evil queen, I guess you're now wondering who's gonna be the Sleeping Beauty ???
 Elle Fanning, younger sister of hollywood child actress Dakota Fannin, got the role.

Is anybody ever gonna notice her presence in the movie since Angelina is going to be such a fabulous evil bitch ? NOT SURE...


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