lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Die Antwoord are The Answer

Die Antwoord are the most interesting project around at the moment I think . Its a south african duo : Yolandi Visser and Ninja spreading the Zef Side .
In my opinion their music is great , Im loving their crazy south african accent ,and their strong impressive character image , their videos are just genius. They are collaborating with photographer Roger Ballen, so their artistic-clochard-weirdo image comes basically from his touch I guess.

Roger Ballen has directed their video " I Fink U Freeky " , check it out :

Something that has catchet my attention since the beginning are Yolandi's looks ... Ahahah
She rocks raver hair , likes white rats and has serious gangsta rap skills !!

( the white rats coat is one of my favourite among Yolandi's outfit ahahhaha
from Evil Boy video )

Black manga contact lenses for a sophisticated weirdo look , why not ?
She has also been spotted wearing those front row @ Alexander Wang latest show:

And actually Die Antwoord are Alexander Wang's new faces for his line " T "
The campaign video is sick :

Loving their no-sense-weirdo attitude , 100% cool

Check out Yolandi " Sexy Rich Bitch " Here : ( lol )

Here their MASTERPIECE : The short movie !!
I must admit I watch it at least once a week ahah can't help !
I love disturbing, weirdo , politically uncorrect , no-sense things
I've been so inspired by this video, I dont know why, its just something I really like and I would love to do... Watch it :


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