mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

Ashton Kutcher is Dating THIS !

Ok , Ashton likes OLD women indeed, but Demi is HOT this is NOT !!!
But the situation is even worse as the rumored girlfriend here Lorene Scafaria , screenwriter, is just 33 but looks MUCH OLDER !!!
Plus I dont wanna spend any words about her style.... Boooooring !
I dont know, maybe we should be happy as hottie Ashton Kutcher is dating an average , maybe hes the kind of Hollywood man who cares more about what's inside a woman then her apparence, BUT I DONT LIKE ! I would like to see him with someone hotter and sexier !
This is really invalidating , I cannot see Ashton as sexual toy material anymore.


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WOWS ha detto...

He has lost the north definitively ;)