martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Robyn's Controversial Outfit @ the Grammy's

Well, let's just say that I would never have worn this outfit at the Grammys for the red carpet. Robyn has been pointed by many blogs as one of the worst dressed, and maybe she really in this occasion, but I feel like there's something good in her look , its not 100% bad.
I think that if the whole ensemble was black it would have been totally better, white colour is not that flattering expecially if you are not ultra skinny and have a little belly ( c'mon Robyn, this is Elementary... ) and I totally believe that the shoes are cool! Platform timbs !? Whoa ! Its Timberland boots + Buffallo ones aka Bboy + Rave kinda thing ? Nice.

Robyn ones are custom made from Decida , which should be a designer from Norway, check 'em out :

On the web I've also found this DIY version from an Opening Ceremony photographer called Christelle , and she rocks them perfectly :

Conclusion: I would totally wear an outfit like this but in total black and in another occasion ...I don't know, out for a drink with friends maybe ? Something like that, not red carpet for sure.


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