mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Nike : Run this Track

Here all the pictures from the latest Nike Sportswear Italy and Nike Running Italy - Run this Track - We Run Rome campaign featuring Shampalove and F.C.V.G. crew !!
We've spent 2 days with Nike team and photographer Guido Gazzilli, doing what usually do: hang out together, play music , chill in a bar...
It has been great because Shampa & F.c.v.g. usually hang out together so the achemy was perfect and you can actually notice it from the pics!
We've also had the chance to run together through Rome in the early morning and it has been a surprise to discover our city in this way.
It has been an amazing experience, we've had sooooo much fun !!!
Check out all the pics :

And last but not least...we've also taken part to the We Run Rome matathon on dec 31th !!
Can you believe it !?
Check out how sporty we are ;)
Potrete trovare il libro Run This Track dove sono raccolte tutte le foto della campagna presso i Nike Stores

Nike Running Italia
Nike Sportswear Italia

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