giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

I Wanna Be Like THEM When I'm Old !!!!!!!!

This is maybe the most inspiring thing I've seen in the last few months.... We already knew that Advanced Style Blog was completely genius stuff but check out their latest video with all the interviews....I love them !!! Not only the way they rock those extremely extravagant but yet so elegant outfits, but I love their attitude and the way they speak their minds !!! Here my favourite quotes from their words :

" This is what I am This is what you get "

" I just like feel better dressed than other people "

" You get treated nicer if you're well dressed "


2 commenti:

Chàrmel ha detto...

Pure io!!!! Ma la tipa della 4°foto è tenerissima oltre che stilosa:D

Lela - seaseight ha detto...

pure io, ma meno eccentrica!!