sabato 26 marzo 2011

Our Cosmic Dress featured on ELLE Spain April 2011 !!

Our Cosmic Dress has been featured on ELLE Spain April 2011 in an article about Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad who has suggested our dress as one of her picks !! Thanks Baby !!!

And also a big thank to Elle Spain's editorial staff which has sent us a copy of the magazine !!

Muchas Gracias ! We are soooo happy, this is very important for us!

Here just a little reminder of the video we made to lauch the dress !!

Directed by Martina Scorcucchi
Editing Lorenzo Piermattei
Model Michela D'angelo
Hair : Giulio - Toni&Guy
Make up : Valentina Culliersi


3 commenti:

Myriam ha detto...

ci credo, è bellissimo questo vestito!!!
mi piace un sacco anche la vostra modella, sembra gillian zinser <3

una versione estiva del cosmic dress?

Myriam ha detto...

anche la musica mi piace, si si!

The Trender ha detto...

bel montaggio...mi musica spacca..di chi è??