venerdì 20 agosto 2010

V.I.P.I. (very important personal issue) of the day : THE FRINGE

Some of you may know that I cut my fringe a couple of months ago. This was completely histerical since SUMMER was coming, and summer is the worst enemy for your fringe. You know... the heat, you sweat a little, the fringe curls and separates and all that jazz. But then I was living in London, and it wasn't that hot at the end of the day!
But then another V.I.P.I. was coming my way. Guess what, the fringe GROWS! AND FAST!
Incredible!!!Shocker right??? Aahahahahhaha!
This is big for me because I really don't like going to the hair salon. I was used to go there just twice a year, and I was not willing to change my habits. So I took the decision to cut the fringe myself on the regular. I bought semi-pro scissors, a tight comb and then I did what I always do when I have NO CLUE on something, I turned to Youtube.
Ladies, let me introduce you to my new personal hero: TED.

I find the way he talks slightly hypnotic!!
Nevermind how the girl is doing it in the video, because she's clearly retarded, poor thing. Just take Ted's advice and use it! :D


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Lela - seaseight ha detto...

Io sono fan della frangetta!! D'inverno ogni tanto la faccio anch'io.

PS: anch'io gattara forever :D