mercoledì 5 maggio 2010


The shooting for TEST mag we did in Brighton (I was assisting Lyson, the stylist) for which I woke up at 5:45 AM is finally online. Yeah, you heard me 5:45 AM. That's how much I love fashion!:D Hehehheh!
Check it out here! Everyone was a pleasure to work with, not to mention often hilarious!

Photographer: Nicholas Lawn
Stylist: Lyson Marchessault
Model: Nia @ Select
Luca Portadibasso
Make Up: Paula Valencia
Fashion Assistant: Roberta Ruby Cena
Copyright TEST 2010

Here are some backstage pics I took during the day

Brighton 8:30 AM

Some of the lovely looks put toghether by Lyson, she's amazing

Luca at work on the retro curls on Nia!

Lyson and Paula

The sweet Nia

Paula working her magic...

Great sunglasses and jacket

The team: Lyson, Nick, Paula and Luca

Nick used vintage
Polaroids cameras from the 60's for the entire shoot, nothing digital here! Only film!

Yeah man!


3 commenti:

Vdb ha detto...

Simply awesome!!!!!! You rock!

Lela - seaseight ha detto...

Quindi tu sei Fashion Styling Assistant?!?! fantastico! Ti invidio :)
Complimenti a tutti, bellissimo photoshoot. Adoro "lo stile polaroid". Sono stata a Brighton anni fa, è davvero molto carina e suggestiva.

SHAMPALOVE ha detto...

@Lela: si lo sono, anche detta LA SCHIAVA!:D
E' veramente una rarità che su uno shooting vengano dati i credits agli assistenti schiavi come me, TEST fa eccezione! Sono proprio felice! ^__^