giovedì 27 maggio 2010

Charles Anastase Dungeon Boots.....DIY !!! :O

Incredibly crafty LA based blogger Christeric has done these ....YES, its the spiked Dungeon boots from Charles Anastase !!

She has bought some trannylicious shoes from Pleaser

then has used some filler ( like the one used to fix the cars heels ) to rebound the seams and change the heel's shape...Here the result :

After she's coloured them using a black texturized rubber spray and put some spikes on the babies.... and got a pair of amazing Dungeon boots !!!! :D
Christeric : you are my HERO !!!! Well done !!!

( traduzione veloce : ha usato della gomma siliconata per cambiare la forma del tacco e riempire le cuciture, l'ha modellata, poi ha usato della gomma spray nera per il colore ed applicato delle borchie )
In pratica UN MITO !

AH , dimenticavo...ecco gli oridinali introvabili :


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