sabato 3 aprile 2010

My first fashion show!

Yesterday I slaved for 11 hours for my first fashion show. I was assisting Tui, who was assisting Nic. Basically I was the styling slave of the styling assistant!:D
It was a charity event hosted at the Islington Town Hall. It's absolutely insane how much works it takes, for just 15 minutes show. INSANE. Everything must be prepared, fitted on the models, ironed or steamed, then put on the models very quickly during the show, and the back into the bags and boxes. Ironing/steaming/boxing is the part that takes most of the time...guess who does that?

It was a multicultural show and a lot of pieces were from designers from all over the world, and oh boy we had some amazing pieces of tribaL beaded jewelry! I mean, look at them!

This cream complicated dress was just amazing...

Models waiting for makeup

And here some of the looks!!

Hehehe see how small Nic looks compared to the black amazon!

And here's me, trying on my favourite piece! Ahahhaha! Too bad it didn't make it to the show!;)


6 commenti:

Sarah ha detto...

come ti invidioooo
ps bel copricapo;)

Myriam ha detto...

wow! dev'essere stato stancante e bellissimo

Dana ha detto...

Brava Ruby!Continua così!Il vostro blog è veramente bello :)

SHAMPALOVE ha detto...

Hahahhaha! il cappello era fantastico!:D
Stancante? non potete neanche immaginare in che condizioni sono tornata a casa dopo 11 ore, ma ero felice ♥

Giulia ha detto...

Cug sono contenta per te!
Voglio i racconti a voce!!

Lela ha detto...

E' bello essere stanche con il sorriso! Ti fa sentire bene! :)