mercoledì 17 marzo 2010


That's what my girl Flor had to say about him a few posts ago....

"Lindsay Lohan photographed by pervert Terry Richardson :)
(its just a joke we all love him !!! )
....(well ok I think he is...well ok NO )
( Cobrasnake is much more a perv than him tho... )
( I like pervs anyway!)

Superstar photographer Terry Richardon is in the eye of the storm after been accused by model Rie Rusmussen to do work that's degrading to women, and to take models pictures one day they will be ashamed of, forcing them to do things they do not want to.
After this episode, several other models have come up with stories of abuse and sexual harrassment!
Some of them said he likes to be called "UNCLE TERRY!"
We always knew he was a perv! I mean, come on! When he's shooting naked girls he is used to take is own clothes off aswell, just to make them feel more "COMFORTABLE"....YEAH RIGHT! AHHAHAHHA! Especcially thinking that most of the models he works with, are aged 18 or less....
As if you couldn' tell just by his pictures......