giovedì 18 marzo 2010

Elizabeth + James Yoshimoto Leather Jacket !!

This ultra cool jacket could be worn in several ways ....

Ok , and that is the normal way to wear it ...then what is special about this jacket is that you can split it in 2 more pieces !!! Check out :

Here as a jacket without the lining part basically you already have 2 jackets in one , but there's a 3rd piece !!
Here it is :

If you wear just the lining you got an amazing vest !!!

Wow I love this jacket !! 3 pcs in 1 !! But its kinda expensive ( 995usd Here ).... so buying 3 pcs or buying 1 its gonna cost pretty much the same price still !!
Damn why all the designers sell stuff that expensive ? 'Cmon guys we all know you produce 70% of you goods in the 3rd world so why these super high prices !??!'
F!°#k you.


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