lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

Jeffrey Campbell is my homeboy!

You adore ACNE Atacoma Wedges but you can't afford them??
TAC! Jeffrey comes and saves your ass with a glorious knock-off!
You're in love with the Burberry's boots?
TAC! Jeffrey appears to you like a grecian god glowing in light, with these beauties in his hand!
Too bad they are exlusive for LF stores, which apparently do not sell online.
I think I wanna cry.


4 commenti:

benedikttt ha detto...

ahahahah a tesò lo stavo per postare mò!!!
questo è ufficialmete un giorno di shampa-lutto.
mi servono quei wannabe burberry!!!!!!!!!!!

5Preview ha detto...

I tried the Acne-boots on and they made me look like the elephant man...

: (


Ruby ha detto...

Really? They do not look that bulky!Are they?? I have big foots my self, so now I'm scared!

SHAMPALOVE ha detto...

voglio il burberry wannabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee