domenica 25 ottobre 2009

I <3 Dubai Airport !!

Yes I do love it !! Beacuse everything its opened 24/7 and they sell american medicines and lots of american junk food !!! ( -_- )
I've just had one of this....

CINNABON its an american chain brand of bakeries which sell all this kind of cinnamon rolls + chocolate and cream + pecans + anything u likeeeeee !!!
Please open in Italy !!! Well maybe its better not to .... I dont wanna become an EXTRALARGE person....
Actually the one i had looked like this :

JUICY !!! Was sooo good !!

Anyway ...I know you totally dont care about this Dubai + Cinnamon rolls thing but actually what I'm going to say now its more interesting eheheh
This time I'm fully loaded....I will use some tricks to by-pass chinese censory soooo I will be able to post from there !! YAY !!

Talk soon


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Beeba ha detto...

i love these roollls ! i had them in dubai as well ,xx