venerdì 30 ottobre 2009

Girls on Bikes!

95 % of the people I know think that a fixed gear bike is the only bike worth riding. But I disagree...I really don't get the hype and then: I'M A WOMAN.
That fixed thing can maybe work for the boys, maybe , and I'd leave it that way.
I want to ride a bike with a nice basket to put my bag in and enough room for my legs if I'm wearing a pencil skirt!!! I want one just like Aggy! Black and Perfect...would not mind a second hand, at all.


2 commenti:

lorenzo ha detto...

Brava, ci piacciono (a me e al mio pervertito alter ego) le ragazze in bici, soprattutto le ragazze su bici normali, con i freni. Almeno non rischiano di perdere i connotati contro un tram!

Ruby ha detto...

Sono d'accordissimo!