mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009


I spent the last hour watching Gianni Versace Fashion Shows back in the days. MIND BLOWING!
The music is awsome, the supermodels look better than ever.I mean: Claudia Shiffer, Naomi Campbell,Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Carla Bruni, Christy Turlington,Yasmeen Ghauri...all toghether!!!
The way they walk (Naomi will always me my favourite, she EATS the catwalk)... the healty looking. They actually have boobs!
And the clothes...the metallic dresses are fantastic! And all the leather, the safety pins, the cycling shorts under the skirts!


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velvetuzi ha detto...

Wow! Thanks for posting these!

SHAMPALOVE ha detto...

You're totally welcome!:D