mercoledì 22 luglio 2009

The " Shaved Heads " Case ......

Well , It has been while I was looking at this Rihanna's new haircut pic that I started thinking about how many shaved heads we have seen in the last months ... Ok, it's a trend, but there's just one question in my mind now ...
W H Y ?!!??!
Even Carmen Electra shaved her head in a desperate attempt to look as edgy as she could but.....Girls you look damn ugly like that !!!! Look at Cassie my God !!

But I know who is to blame for this....... HER !!!

Alice Dellal !! La modella piu brutta e trucida del pianeta !!! Possibile che abbia scatenato tutto cio' !?!? :O

I'd rather prefer bold shaved heads .....At least you dont look as a junkie that much !!


3 commenti:

Chiara ha detto...

finalmente una modella non perfetta ma bella alice dellal!

SHAMPALOVE ha detto...

questo e' vero non si puo negare !

Ruby ha detto...

mmmm non siamo molto d'accordo sulla Dellal!
ma è questione di gusti!:D