lunedì 18 maggio 2009

I'm in luuurvee with these products

First of all: Beauty Fluid! This is a CLASSIC! it's been here for 50 years, and women all over the world just love it! It's a lightweight cream, smells soo good, and it's oil free. It goes with all skin types, and it's perfect in every occasion, super good under makeup, because it's very fast to absorb and won't leave your skin greasy.

Then Skin Adapt, the tonic. I use it in the morning when I wake up and after I wash away my makeup. It's gentle , alcohol free, and I love it!

Then Again: First effects, my first anti-age cream....I know, I'm over was about time!:D
I use it as a night cream, but it could be use as a day cream too, because it's also very light.

Last but not least, my ultimate summer addiction: Multiradiance! I don't know what's inside this little bottle, but smells so good, it's superlight and it gives you the perfect summer glow. A MUST!

These are very good quality products at a very good price... Always a plus!


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