martedì 12 maggio 2009

An EnglishGirl in New York !!!

Today I've discovered this blog Where Did You Get That ? by this girl Karen who has moved from London to NY , I love her style and I wanna ROB her !!!
Here some of the stuff that has inspired me ....

This Amazing Top Shop blazer !

Zara sequin blazer ... killaaaaaaaaaaah !!

I'm desperatly looking for those black Emma Cook x H&M on the net .... Wish me luck please ! Just Loveeeeeeee them !

All Saints boots.... Styled in a perfect way I have to say ! I love this outfit !

Aldo laced up shoes ....Did you know !??! Must look for them !

Bebe shoes ...

Some studded stuff ....Its Never Enough lately ahah !

So Karen ....I definitely wanna break into your closet and take all of your clothes and shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !!!! :D


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